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FJAX vs AJAX vs plain page

June 27, 2006

Recently I came across this page FJAX, and this is what it does….

  • Make HTTP calls
  • Get and parse XML
  • Render stuff

You’d say how different is it from AJAX, Well only in a way it uses a stupid Flash file which does all that.



OS-Browser, Internet… thats all!!

March 17, 2006

This is the future of our PCs. We won’t be requiring anything more than that…

  • The BIOS will load the OS, which will be nothing but a complex Browser, Thats it!
  • This Browser will be able to connect to the internet, and that is where each and every application we use will be there.
  • The success of this OS will be on the reach of the internet connection to the masses.

This is not a fiction but something which could be in the near future. Check the kind of applications that we have on our “Desktop” and that we have on “Web”. There was a very distinct feel to the web apps as compared to Desktop ones.. Which is now being reduced to almost nothing. Check Web 2.0, what you will notice is nothing is left for the Desktop.

Apps. that we thought as “Desktop apps” like MS Word… are there on the web. Google recently got Writely in which you could write documents, the same way as in MS Word.


January 21, 2006

Hmm, Remote Procedure Call, Simple Object Access Protocol, Representational State Transfer, etc. are all major methods of accessing a sytem, resources which are not locally accessible to you (Provided they are made available).

Consider the famous Google Search Data, What if you want to have all the database access (search results) for your system. How would you use that even if google could give you access to the resource.