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January 10, 2006

“Session” as the term suggests is time-period when the client is interacting with the server.

HTTP however is a stateless protocol. i.e. Every request that goes to the Server is treated as a new request from a new client. So to glue the sessions funda with HTTP, the Scripting languages have to come up with something with which it can track the clients.



Multiple Domain Logins

January 9, 2006

Wonder how your login to makes you logged into ?
It’s game of give and take with cookies.



December 30, 2005

Cookie is probably one of the most interesting development for the HTTP.
Cookies are small text files generally not larger than 8 kbs (I’m still exaggerating). These NOT downloaded from the web. They are saved by the Browser (yes the browser, your own client). The cookie is saved when server directs the browser.

The Server sends a response header of Set-Cookie

Set-Cookie: favColor=blue; expires=Sun, 17-Jan-2038 19:14:07 GMT; path=/;