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How PHP sessions work

October 6, 2009

Most of the developers know how to work with PHP Sessions, but don’t know or don’t care to understand how PHP manages to make sessions work.

HTTP is a stateless protocol, due to which its is unable to understand subsequent requests from the same user/client. It considers all requests as “NEW”. So to manage this ‘state’, Sessions and cookies come into the picture.

Please read more over here How Sessions work in PHP



Vim: Auto Complete

May 4, 2006

Most of you programming freaks, like the Auto Complete idea of an IDE (using Ctrl+Space) to complete the word. And all the GUI IDE lovers think Vi is just another “Notepad”.

Beware, VIM is noway behind the IDEs, It too supports your Auto-Complete.
Ctrl+P (match previous tokens) or Ctrl+N (match tokens ahead/next) is an alternative to Ctrl+Space


Fedora 5 is out !!!

April 7, 2006

Many of the Fedora fans will be delighted that their new OS is out.


This new FC 5 boasts of a new Theme, which looks classy. And just look at the sexy default wallpaper.

You can get a complete Overview of Fedora over here, [Overview].

One of the exciting feature is that it also has MONO installed.

For those who want this default wallpaper, here it is…
I hope I'm not annoying any licenesing issues.

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Vim: Find Visual Difference using diffsplit

February 25, 2006

Many a times you want to compare two different files… Unless you have a good utility… you cant. But for Vim as its a wonderful tool, get a good visual difference.



Vim configuration Tips

January 30, 2006

Not many of you’d be using Vi, I even try to use it in Win32 System. Without doubt its one of my favourite editors even though if I know only 1% about it.

The vim config file is generally placed in your home directory “~” or “/home/username”


Tidy-ing your XML, HTML

January 21, 2006

If you ever wonder how would you get your messy XML and HTML well-formatted, Here is the whizard, Tidy tidy is a small but very effective tool written by Dave Raggett.

Tidy can clean, indent XML and HTML data very effectively.

tidy -mi -xml file-name