Vim 7.0 Tabs

Vim 7.0 also adds another marvelous feature to this star-studded editor, Tab Browsing

To open a tab, just use the following command

tabe filename

This shall open a new tab.

Vim 7 Tab browsing

To move between tabs you can use tabNext and tabPrevious. Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown work as well in the X version as well as on gnome-terminal.

tabclose shall do the needful as the command states.


3 Responses to “Vim 7.0 Tabs”

  1. Jay Pipes Says:

    Hi! I love vim7 tabs too. Here are some maps I put in my .vimrc to emulate the TabNext/Prev and Closing of Firefox/GNOME:

    ” Ctrl-Tab goes to next tab
    map :tabnext
    imap :tabnext
    vmap :tabnext

    ” Ctrl-Shift-Tab goes to previous tab
    imap :tabprev
    map :tabprev
    vmap :tabprev

    ” Ctrl-t makes a new tab
    vmap :tabnew
    imap :tabnew
    map :tabnew

    ” Ctrl-w closes the tab
    map :tabclose
    imap :tabclose
    vmap :tabclose



  2. Nick Says:

    Any way to open multiple tabs while within vim?

    I’ve found that

    :tabe ball

    will open up the buffer list into new tabs. However if the number of files exceeds the width of the display window the reminder window will have all the files opened with in (via split windows).

  3. Vandan Says:


    Can you please tell me as to how to open
    tag into a new tab window.
    I use ctags.

    when on functions, i press g } , it opens up alist
    of functions. i press the number corresponding
    to function i want to use.
    THe file opes in the same window.
    I want to open it in a new tab ( provided that file
    is not already open in one of the tabs). If it is, then
    open that tab.

    Can you please tell me how to achieve this.

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