IBM’s Live Scoreboard

I was trying to figure out IBM's way of a Live Scoreboard, I thought it must be having AJAX (XMLHttpRequest), but its not. Its using flash. Here is what I've deciphered.

Sometime back I had written about "my concept" of Live Scoreboard. My Idea was of having a Web Service, which would provide a score updates, and that would be asynchronously called to update the scoreboard.

But IBM has devised another way, Obviously using Javascript, they've…

  1. Used javascript to write HTML to embed a flash file, which writes more stuff.
    embed flash object
  2. There is a parameter of a XML file "mipConfig.xml" that is given to it. This file has some of the following information.
    mipconfig xml

    1. ServerName and Port where Scoreboard (API | Service) is available.
    2. The position of FlashCursor !? ( I guess its the location where flash points latest points grabbed)
    3. The rate at which the Server needs to be queried.
  3. The xml file that points to the "FlashCursor" has some kind of serialized data in XML, which I'm unable to comprehend.
    ghtml xml
  4. After getting all this data,DOM is used to update the HTML.

If anybody has figured out more than I have (which I think could be wrong) don't mind posting what IBM's Scoreboard really is 😉


2 Responses to “IBM’s Live Scoreboard”

  1. TV software Says:

    can i make a card for my TV Software Blog too?
    Actually i am not every clear about the above contents but you have shown me a path.

  2. ruturajv Says:

    I’m not quite sure what u want either !

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