Bon Echo Features (Firefox 2)

While we are safely browsing using Firefox, another world out there is creating testing the Bon Echo wolf, what would be Firefox 2. Firefox 2.0 does guarantee you great offers which (IE7) have not been yet thought of.

I'll Start with some of the directly distinguishable features.

  • Improved Memory Usage
  • New icons for new features and themes.
  • Better usability with Tabs
  • UI for re-opening accidentally closed tabs
  • UI for managing multiple tabs (preview, switching, etc)
  • UI for managing search plugins

Since you've been still reading, here is something that geeks would be happy about.

  • Simplification of existing top level chrome
  • NSITheme support for Windows Vista API
  • Session Restore (on crash and restarts)
  • content sniffing to detect when content served as XML or text is actually a feed
  • ability to subscribe to feeds using client app or web service
  • capability to enable, disable, and block installation of extensions based on a blocklist
  • server-side resources for hosting the blocklist
  • API for type-ahead find search results (quite exciting!!)
  • in-browser phishing protection that provides warnings

Everything comes from Mozilla's wiki, If you are interested in a detailed list, Firefox 2 Requirements

By the way Bon Echo should be Firefox 2 by "late Q2/early Q3 2006.


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