Anti Spam: Word Verification

Many a times these days, there is an image next to a text box, “Please insert the text as in the image”. You will oblige to that, but what for ?

There aren’t many who oblige to text, instructions on the Web. In comes Word Verification or Image Text Checking to cut the throat of SPAM


There are many websites which are thriving on feedback. Comments, Replies, postbacks, etc. which enrich the website. And yes they do gain from it. But there are some (the spammers) who will just won’t stop putting crap content like Porn links other promotional stuff for sake of backlinks or so. These guys go to a next level to automate scripts to post this kind of stuff.

How do we stop it ?
Simple. Ask for human interaction

How ?
Get any task that only a human can do.

Like ?
Getting a random, twisted, turned text in an image.

What will it help ?
It will stop these so called spam bots from making spam content into your websites. As none of them can be coded well to make them read the twsited, turned text.

This is called the Word Verification, Image check etc.

How do you do it ?
All you need a decent graphics library. the GD Graphics Library can suffice. What you can do is add some background to the image. Save the data (the text content of the image) in the Session. Be sure you don’t keep the data anywhere in the page.
The most common mistake some do is by keep the text in a hidden element of the form. NEVER DO THAT.


3 Responses to “Anti Spam: Word Verification”

  1. guestblin Says:

    good article…

  2. Luca Says:

    But how do you get it on your website ?????

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