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Vim: Find Visual Difference using diffsplit

February 25, 2006

Many a times you want to compare two different files… Unless you have a good utility… you cant. But for Vim as its a wonderful tool, get a good visual difference.




Wikipedia Bookmarklet

February 25, 2006

We shall be creating a Wikipedia bookmarklet, The bookmarklet will either take whatever is selected on the screen as the string to be found or will prompt you.

As usual we’ll write the code as a normal JavaScript code, except that we start of with the string



Anti Spam: Word Verification

February 13, 2006

Many a times these days, there is an image next to a text box, “Please insert the text as in the image”. You will oblige to that, but what for ?

There aren’t many who oblige to text, instructions on the Web. In comes Word Verification or Image Text Checking to cut the throat of SPAM



Drupal Node (key)words module

February 10, 2006

There is a wonderful module (extra), Node (key)words in Drupal that helps you insert Meta data for nodes, data like keywords, description. All these are used in the meta tags. (more…)