CMS Tool Requirements

Content Management System, Phew! a big phrase for Insert, Update and Delete !

There are many, rather endless lists of CMS tools that are available freely on the web. Most of them offering a wide variety of features, from simple blog-type, to advanced Menu systems and modules.

My primary focus is the Web. What should you look into a software for CMS ?

Considering Web as the primary focus, what you’d need in an CMS tool is

  • Management of Content (Doh!!)
  • Tool to Webalize your content. Something like FCKEditor
  • Easy navigation, Search of your content.
  • Tracking of views, etc.
  • If possible some SEO ready stuff as icing

The requirements above are for those who are not geeky. However I would like to emphasize that HTML should be the 2nd language for kids in the school after English.

What if you are the geek I’m talking about ? You can’t be satisfied, fooled by the above list. You want to have a look into the CMS’ working. Tweak, Screw, Poke into the system.

As a geek you’d also want some of the following features

  • Easily understandable system architecture, flow
  • Simple and self explanatory tables to improve your understanding
  • Tracking of users, and more than that. If possible you’ll want to extend that one as well.
  • Easy pluggable modules, which are easy to code.
  • Some standard system APIs (application), to extend the application.
  • Full control over the layout, Templates
  • Ability to modify the core for specific requirements.
  • For the really geeky ones, Ability for remote content management.

Probably there are more in both the lists, But that is what I found the most required ones. You may want an answer which satisfies probably the major of them. You’ve been reading this post probably of searching for a Good CMS.

There is probably no CMS in the world which is fully functional to your last requirement. But there is one which I really adore which fulfills most of my needs, that my friends is Drupal

I won’t start with the feature set of Drupal over here, but I think its worth giving a try if you too feel above list is adequate.


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