Long Scrolling Blogs

Since the blogging frenzy has started, What I have observed is that the pages of the blogs are too big (At least the frequently blogged ones)

They have atleast 5-10 times the page content that they can see in a view. This is wrong. I feel WordPress.org and blogspot.com should update their softwares to show maximum 10 posts per page. And they should (by default) try to make a “more” like link for each posts if the post is more than 10 lines or so.

This will also help bloggers, blog readers from countries where Internet connection is premium to save their bandwidth for unrelated content.


One Response to “Long Scrolling Blogs”

  1. GET / HTTP/1.1 » Blog Archive » Website Content Layout Guidelines Says:

    […] The whole page should not be more than 2 – 3 scrolls, (See: Long Scrolling Blogs […]

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