RSS Feeds

What on earth is this RSS ? Rational Security Service ? what is it ? That was a question that I had around a year back or so. But now its clear.

RSS is nothing but standard XML data. But what does it stand for ? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which came from a structure of defining a resource. RSS was defined so that the user, client can read any resource available without browsing the particular site. Be it news website, a blog site, a technical resource site, etc. The idea was to syndicate or deliver the content in other manner than the web page.

And then comes the “baaap” (Father) of data structuring format, XML
You may have come across something like this

RSS Feed icon in Firefox 1.5

The orange icon in Firefox notifies that the current website has an RSS feed, or the user can alternatively fetch the content from RSS feed.

To notify firefox that the website has an RSS feed, you need to write a special link tag.

link rel=’alternate’ type=’application/rss+xml’ title=’GET / HTTP/1.1 RSS Feed’ xhref=’’

You can use this tag in the head tag. The type attribute specifies the link is type of RSS, specifies the MIME type
The href specifies the URL where the RSS feed is available.

RSS XML structure...

Just a screenshot that one, to have more information on RSS feed, XML structure, etc

RSS 2.0 Specification


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