HTTP GET Request

My first post here would be what is an HTTP Request.

When you fetch a page by typing the URL in the browser, The browser connects to the Host on port 80. Let us take an example, You type and press enter

The browser first parses the URL and makes a Socket connection to on port 80. The browser also parses the requested Resource or the page that is /index.html

The browser then writes the following to the socket

GET /index.html HTTP/1.1

The request is completed when the last charecters are \r\n\r\n

The above request is a GET request, In HTTP any resource that you want to read/fetch we use the GET method. Notice the protocol, The first word is the method “GET” followed by a space and then path of the resource, which is then followed by the protocol and its version which is “HTTP/1.1”.

In the next line we mention the Host, which in our case is “”, before HTTP/1.1, an IP could host only one Host/domain. From HTTP/1.1 the “Host” header became mandatory, so that multiple domains could be hosted on one IP, the server would grab the name of the Host from the header.

The request as I mentioned earlier, Is terminated by double returns.

You can try this yourself, without a browser, all you need is Telnet client .


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  1. mg Says:

    thanks for your brief explanation

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